Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)
No. 424, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran. P.O. 158754413


AUTMan Humanoid is a team for participating in Humanoid Kid-Size Robot League in RoboCup. This team was founded in 2011 and have participated in various national and international Robotic and RoboCup competitions.

Our main research interests in this team within the scope of the humanoid robots are in a range from humanoid robust walking to accurate localization and to enable the robot to decide more wisely based on a knowledge base.

Now, AUTMan Humanoid KidSize makes a joint team for participating in Humanoid Kid-Size Robot League in RoboCup. This new collaboration started in 2015  between AUTMan humanoid team from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran and team Snobots from University of Manitoba, Canada.

Our main research interests within the scope of humanoid robots are to propose a new open platform 3D-printed kid size robot, based on the new changes due to long-term roadmap for the future of the league, active balancing, running robots, accurate localization, and strategic reasoning for soccer.

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Recent Achievements

A team from Amirkabir University of Technology participated with great success in previous years. In RoboCup 2013, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Also, this team participated in various regional and other national and international competitions. Most important achievements among those competitions are the 1st place of RoboCup IranOpen 2012 and different awards in AUTCup divisions. On the other hand, a team from the University of Manitoba is a very experienced team and has competed in the RoboCup humanoid league since its start in 2002. The team performed well at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven and won a 3rd place in the Technical Challenge awards. In the last five years, team members have published several papers in the symposiums, conferences and journals and also granted from RoboCup Federation and are planning to submit papers to the 2016 RoboCup Symposium.

Development for 2016

In 2016, the goal of the collaboration between these two teams and also participation in RoboCup 2016 is three-fold.
1. First, the main focus of whole team is to develop a fully open platform 3D-printed kid size robot which will be based on the new humanoid long term road map.
2. To focus more on the basics of localization, behavior, team play and collabora-tions between robots.
3. To extend our collaboration in this sub league and continue to demonstrate the feasibility of joint teams in RoboCup.

 Team Qualification Materials

1- AUTMan RoboCup2016- Humanoid TeenSize Team Description Paper

2- AUTMan RoboCup2016- Humanoid TeenSize Robots Specification Paper

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Team For RoboCup 2016, Leipzig, Germany

Jacky Baltes,  Soroush Sadeghnejad.


Sepehr Ramezani, Amirali Setaieshi, Parsa Yarahmadi, Foruzan Fallah, Nima Pourmohammadi, Armin Arvand, Niloofar Sadrkhani, Sepide Shaterian, Milad Farahmandfar, Behrouz Goudarznia and Amirhossein Hosseinmemar

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