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Congratulations to Team AUTMan for his quite successful participation in RoboCup 2016, Leipzig, Germany. We won the Humanoid TeenSize Robot League 1st Place of Technical Challange and 3rd Place of the league.

photo_2016-07-14_19-36-14 photo_2016-07-14_19-57-49



We are getting ready to take a part in the RoboCup 2016 Humanoid Robot League, Leipzig, Germany. All are trying their best to won again in the competition. Wish the best.


The joint team, AUTMan, participated in RoboCup IranOpen 2016 quite successful and won the first prize after competing against different teams.

photo_2016-07-14_19-37-41 photo_2016-07-14_19-37-55



The team is getting ready for participating RoboCup IranOpen 2016 in Tehran International fair. Although, now we are in the Iranian New Year holidays, but all the team members are trying their best!!


Preparing for submitting both KidSize and TeenSize qualification materials for participating in RoboCup Humanoid League 2016, Leipzig, Germany.



April -2014:

Amirkabir University of Technology is proud to host the 2014 Spring School in Humanoid Robots, a unique opportunity for everyone to learn the fundamentals and get involved in humanoid robots projects – a hot topic for both professional researchers as well as hobbyists. The spring school will highlight the most recent advances in humanoid robotics research. The program is based on three pillars: Theory, case studies and the practical exercises. This school will be held from 12th-16th April.

Feb -2014:

The first version of  AUT-UofM TeenSize Robot, “AUTeen” has been released on 1st of Feb. 2014.


Jan -2014:

AUTMan Humanoid Team make a joint team with team Snobot from Canada for participating in Humanoid TeenSize Robot League in RoboCup. AUT-UofM from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and University of Manitoba, Canada is mainly focused on both universities’ experiences provided from long time participation in RoboCup humanoid league in recent years.

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