Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)
No. 424, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran. P.O. 158754413


 BvOF RoboCup2013  AUTMan new robot kinematic structures are with 20 degrees of freedoms (DOF). The design is such that force us to use 6 degrees of freedoms for each leg, 3 degrees of freedoms for each arm. Robots camera will be held by 2 servo motors as a Pan-Tilt mechanism. 

ARASH – (Anthropomorphic Robot Augmented with Sense of Human)
 AUTMan 2015 - 1 ARASH is 100cm in height and 7.5Kg in weight. The new robot’s kinematic structure has 20 degrees of freedom (DOF). The design uses 6 DOFs for each leg and 3 degrees of freedom for each arm. The camera of the robot is mounted on a 2 servo pan and tilt mechanism. MX-106 series in leg joints, MX-64 series in arms and MX-28 series in neck have been used. To reach a higher performance two motors have used in the knee joints.

ASAME Rescue Robot
34023_403153674829_612264829_4377653_1940583_n ASAME is particularly capable of moving across various difficult environmental obstacles. It has four linear self-locking links that can rotate relative to the main body independently of each other. A manipulator has been designed on top of this robot that facilitates the movement of camera and the group of sensors. This mechanism has three degrees of freedom and can cover 600mm above the robots surface. Also ASAME is equipped with various sensors for identification of victim’s status, e.g. thermal and CO2 sensors, cameras, and sensors for movement and sound detection. A localization system by an electronic compass, encoders and an acceleration sensor has been composed.