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About the Humanoid Robot League

In the Humanoid League, autonomous robots with a human-like body plan and human-like senses play soccer against each other. Unlike humanoid robots outside the Humanoid League the task of perception and world modeling is not simplified by using non-human like range sensors. In addition to soccer competitions technical challenges take place. Dynamic walking, running, and kicking the ball while maintaining balance, visual perception of the ball, other players, and the field, self-localization, and team play are among the many research issues investigated in the Humanoid League. Several of the best autonomous humanoid robots in the world compete in the RoboCup Humanoid League.

Amirkabir Teams and RoboCup

RoboCup is the perfect application for developing towards humanoid robots that can interact with humans. The goal of RoboCup is “By the year 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots to win against the human world cup champion team.” Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) teams have been strikingly participating in RoboCup Competitions from 2004 in various leagues such as Small Size Soccer Robots, Real Rescue Robot, @Home, 2D Soccer Simulation, 3D Soccer Simulation and Rescue Simulation leagues.
In addition, by achieving experiences (as participants, organizers, league, and symposium Technical Committee Members) in many national and international competitions especially RoboCup and “Iran Open”, we have decided to establish the Amirkabir Robotic Center in order to extend our projects and to coordinate all robotic researches and activities of the university.
As the part of this new roadmap, AUTMan team has formed to begin a new project on Standard Platform League due to the basis of experience of Humanoid League which has been in progress since June 2010 and Soccer Simulation league which is active since 2004.

Who we are?

AUTMan Humanoid team is one of the active research groups which are working on Human-Like robots at Humanoid Robotic Laboratory in Mechanical Engineering Department and Amirkabir Robotic Institute of Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT). AUTMan team has formed to begin his project due to the basis of experience of Standard Platform League which has been in progress since June 2010 and Soccer Simulation league which is active since 2004. AUTMan Humanoid Team consists of undergraduate and graduate students in the departments of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.